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For over 40 years, Africa Intelligence is the leading news site on Africa for professionals. We only publish exclusive information that are essential to understanding the political and economic challenges the continent faces today.
Africa Intelligence takes a different approach to the content you might find elsewhere: our articles are exclusive and provide operative information.

Africa Intelligence’s Mining section unveils the strategies of mining actors across Africa and covers the entire mining chain: project finance, logistical challenges, negotiations with governments and local populations.

In our Oil & Gas section we identify the African experts working for the global oil & gas leaders as well as emerging juniors and outsiders, and go to the heart of power within the continent’s main oil producing countries.

We also investigate the key construction projects of transport routes or hubs (road, rail, ports, airports and train stations) and electric infrastructure (power plants, high-voltage lines, etc.) across the continent through Infrastructure & Power section.

Africa Intelligence is fully independent; our readers are our sole source of revenue. It does not accept advertising, does no consultancy work nor organise any events and is free of any political or economic influence.