Chairman and Founder, Agar LLC/Pockero Network

Mr. Gustavo Montero ,is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Agar LLC , and Polyblock Capital. Both International Firms are present in the Global Digital Assets and Blockchain Industry.

Gustavo is a Swiss/Chilean national, and Founder of various Companies in different Industrial Sectors, among them, Gustavo is a Co-Founder of ,Hedblom Partners. Hedblom is a , 20 + years, Swiss Firm specialized in Investor Relations for the Oil, Gas and Mining Industry.

In addition, he has found several Companies in the Blockchain-Cryptocurrency space. He has over 25 years InternationalBanking experience with senior roles at Standard Chartered Bank, Cramer Bank and global Internal Audit positions for various Public/Private International Organizations.

He has also been involved in the Private Equity space for over 15 years, this includes Companies that were listed both in the NYSE and London Stock exchange. Gustavo was once party to the physical opening of NYSE during the famous early morning Bell.

More recently, he has advised some of the world’s largest family offices on their investment activities. He is also aUniversity Professor and a well- known Global Public Speaker, particularly in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space. Mr. Montero is a trained Engineer and holds an MBA and Master of Science from Oregon State University, he is fluent infive languages and has lived and worked in 3 continents. He currently resides in Dubai, UAE.