Dr. Vanessa Ushie

Division Manager – Policy Analysis African Natural Resources Centre African Development Bank

Vanessa Ushie is the Manager of the Policy Analysis Division at the African Natural Resources Centre of the African Development Bank. She leads the Centre’s policy and economic analysis on natural resource management (NRM). The Division is responsible for knowledge generation, technical assistance to the Bank’s Regional Member Countries on economic policy issues in the renewable and non-renewable resource sectors, and advocacy on NRM for sustainable development.


She was previously an Advisor/Expert on Mineral Sector Governance at the African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC), United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), and jointly served as AMDC Liaison/Advisor to the Industry Division, AU Department of Trade and Industry. Vanessa’s professional background straddles natural resource economics, extractive sector governance, political economy of development, fiscal policy in resource-rich countries, fragility and resource-driven conflicts, international trade, and international political economy.