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The Heads of State and Government broke with the past by their historic decision to transform the ECOWAS Secretariat into a Commission in 2006. The difference goes beyond a name change and an increase in the number of officers at the management level. After more than thirty years of existence, ECOWAS finds itself at a cross-road.  At thirty – eight, ECOWAS has come of age, it is mature and the master of its destiny.

Changes have already been underway with the support of development partners. These initiatives were boosted by the Heads of State and Government when they endorsed institutional transformation covering all ECOWAS Institutions.

By implementing this transformation process which should reposition ECOWAS vis-a-vis the West African populations to whom pledges have been made, the leaders of our region have taken the destiny of their institution into their own hands. Indeed, by subscribing to the vision of the Founding fathers of ECOWAS, they have taken ownership of the objectives designed to improve the living conditions of the citizenry, ensure economic growth and create an environment conducive to development and integration.

By becoming a Commission with enhanced powers and Commissioners in charge of smaller and clearly defined sectors, the ECOWAS Commission will have more impact and become more visible in Member States.

Regarding the Community Parliament, the restructuring is designed to make it more efficient by providing it with relevant management support. Similarly, the Community Court of Justice is being re-organized to have its judges also concentrate on their core competences.

The expected changes will not be possible without the support of the staff of our institutions. The task is huge; hence, the need for everyone to get involved in its implementation.

The Heads of State and Government urged everyone of us to participate in the rebirth of our organization to ensure that development and integration soon become a reality.




The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources is the sector Ministry entrusted with the management of Ghana’s land, forest, wildlife and mineral resources.

To ensure the sustainable management and utilisation of Ghana’s lands, forests, wildlife and mineral resources for socio-economic growth and development. This is achieved through:
•    efficient formulation, implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes of sector agencies;
•    efficient and equitable land delivery;
•    promotion of sustainable forest, wildlife and mineral resource management and utilization;
•    promotion of effective inter-agency and cross-sectoral linkages;
•    creation of an enabling environment for effective private sector participation; and
•    promotion of effective community participation in multiple use of land, forest wildlife and mineral resources.

Postal Address  P.O Box M 212 Accra
Telephone (+233-302) 672336
Fax (+233-302) 666801



The mission of the Ministry of Energy is to develop and ensure reliable supply of high quality energy services at minimum cost to all sectors of the economy through the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies.

Postal Address    P. O .Box T40, Stadium Post Office Accra, Ghana
Telephone (+233-302) 683961-4
Fax (+233-302) 668262


To enable Ghana become a net exporter of fuel and power


The mission of the Ministry of Energy is to develop and ensure reliable supply of high quality energy services at minimum cost to all sectors of the economy through the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies.


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