Ghana Mining & Petroleum

Ghana – Black Star rising: A shining example of best practise in mining and petroleum management in West Africa;

  • Ghana has achieved 22 years of continuous contemporary multi-party democracy and has centuries-old history of mining.
  • In 2013, Ghana was the ​world’s 9th largest gold and diamonds producer. Has total coverage of airborne data. It also has significant reserves of bauxite, iron ore, solar salt & chlor-alkali and industrial minerals.
  • The country recently acquired the largest gold refinery in West Africa.
  • Operates an attractive mining legal and fiscal regime in line with international best practices. It has a stable regulatory environment that provides for transparent and equitable treatment to all investors and stakeholders.
  • The petroleum sector in Ghana is undergoing a major transformation following the discovery of large deep water oil and gas fields in the Tano/Cape Three Points Basin.
  • Ghana’s Revenue Management Act — has taken from the best practises of other oil producing countries, outlining mechanisms for collecting and distributing petroleum revenue. As well as specifying what percentage should help fund the current budget, and what should be set aside for future generations